Tsuen Wan Automatic Weather Station
We cooperate with Hong Kong Observatory to run an automatic weather station at our centre to provide meteorological data of Tsuen Wan District, including rainfall, temperature and humidity for the public. The centre would also run weather study course to teach more weather observation knowledge to Hong Kong students.


Butterfly Garden
This is an open area for butterflies appreciation. The garden planted butterfly larval food plants to attract butterflies laying down their eggs. Students can observe the birth, growth and flying forms of butterflies in a natural environment.


Rooftop Energy Study Zone
The centre set up different forms of renewable energy systems, such as solar energy, wind energy, to let students understand the feasibility and practicality of such renewable energy.


Nature Education Trail

The trail was build at our garden where some local species like bamboo and banyan are already growing. In order to increase the types of plants and to be more educational, we use organic methods to plant some interesting plants. These also attract different types of animals to visit our garden and even settle here as their home.


Concentric Well

This is a natural loudspeaker that makes use of the principle of echo and resonance. Without using equipment, the sound is loud enough for presentation if you just standing in the center of the concentric well. This is an ideal place for teachers to teach and for students to have presentation in the natural environment.


Plant Nursery

There are many flowerpots putting on the shelves at plant nursery for planting different types of plants, such as succulents, ornamental plants, edible plants, etc. The pupils are able to learn and bring the knowledge of plants to their lives.


Eco Pond

This is a balanced eco-system. Most of the creatures in the pool are common in Hong Kong rivers. The system aims to show the diversity and interesting life of freshwater ecosystem. Students can take water samples from the pond and observe it under microscopes.



Ground Floor Multi purpose Room
This is a new multimedia and well-equipped teaching room. A series of maps, including aerial photos of the field studies sites are offered in order to let students have better understanding of the geographical environment of Hong Kong.

Lecture Room

This is a fully equipped multimedia field studies lecture room. The cross-platform computers, high-resolution visualizer, laser discs projectors and high quality PA device are well prepared, so students can present clearly and richly. 。


The laboratory equipped with advanced electronic analytical instruments, so that students can analyze the collected samples fast and accurate.


The library equipped with computers and reference books. Students can have group discussions and preparation for their presentation in the library.

Digital Planetarium

The planetarium equipped with a three-dimensional projector in order to let student learn astronomical knowledge in indoor area without the restrictions of time and weather condition.

Second Floor Multi purpose Room

This is a new multimedia and well-equipped teaching room. A series of information of wildlife in Hong Kong are offered in order to let students know more the ecological environment in Hong Kong.

Observatory Dome

The tower is a dome of 6 meters in diameter and a 0.5 meters diameter reflecting telescope is inbuilt. The sensitivity of the telescope is 5000 times stronger than the human eyes. And it can observe the stars which are dark to 15.5 luminosity and also the Milky Way galaxies which is millions of light-year outside. Using CCD imaging device can shot the planetarium and store the image in the computer and post on the centre's website for scientific research or relevant parties use. It can also be projected on a big screen directly for teaching purposes.

Rooftop observation area

The rooftop of the building which covered with a thick pad can accommodate more than 200 people to observe the sky comfortably at the same time.


The New Wing
Computer Room
The computer room equipped with advanced computers for students to collect data from the internet and prepare for presentation. Geographic Information Systems are also provided for Geography students use.

Multi purpose classroom
A new multi-purpose room equipped with advanced laboratory instruments and multiple microscopes for students to examine the field study information and data for further analysis.

Exhibition room
The room displays different kinds of ore, plants, endangered animals and fossils. Part of the specimens on display is provided by our supervisor, manager, and other parties. Some species are collected by the students during field studies. Some fossils from China are very rare.