Ho Koon Nature Education cum Astronomical Centre is a learning institute of the 21st century.  The centre is well-equipped with modern and up-to-dated facilities for student learning.  Moreover, we have a very professional team of teachers who are devoted to environmental education.  We teach nature science, we teach science in nature and we also teach nature through science.  With unlimited support from Sik Sik Yuen and the hardwork of all the members here, Ho Koon thrives progressively these years.  In addition to the wide variety of programmes we offered, we also follow closely the educational trend as well as the educational needs of the teachers and the students.  It is our ambition that we nuture future environmentally literated citizens with a broad understanding of how people and societies relate to each other and to natural systems, and act sustainably in their daily life.


The mission of Ho Koon is not just simply to let students understand the nature, but more important, we encourage our students to respect the nature and to protect the nature.  To achieve this, we have to guide them to go out of the classroom, to touch, to feel and to admire the miracles of the nature.  We are life educators, we teach our students value of lives and we also teach them harmony of lives is far more important than their individual wants.  In the future, Ho Koon will follow the educational spirit of SIk Sik Yuen in nurturing our next generation in respecting life and the environment.